1. Reconcile your bank account, credit accounts and loans;
  2. Monthly accounting services
  3. Generate an income statement (P&L);
  4. Generate a balance sheet; and
  5. Clean up your general ledger.


  • Prepare your personal income tax return.
  • Prepare your business income tax return.
  • Prepare any required sales & use tax returns.
  • Prepare your Worker’s Compensation audit reports.
  • Prepare your Form 571-L Business Property Tax returns.
  • Prepare Forms 1099 for any vendors or independent contractors.

On top of all of this, we’ll also provide phone calls and emails to you for any questions regarding your dental practice.

We are a full-service Dental CPA firm based out of Los Angeles, California. We specialize in accounting, financial planning, and tax services for Dentists and other medical professionals.

There is a wide variety of services we offer to our clients: We provide dental and medical accounting; comprehensive tax planning and services; practice purchase consulting; litigation support and forensic accounting.

Business Accounting System Set Up

Accounting systems need to be organized properly the first time around so corrections don’t need to be made when filing taxes or government forms down the road. Our accounting team will set up your system in a timely and efficient manner and have you up and running in no time.

Business Entity Selection

S Corporation • Partnership • LLC • Sole Proprietorship

Business entity selection is an important decision to make when you are starting a business. Choosing your business structure can affect you, your partners and the control and management of your company. At our Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles we provide you clear and concise information on the best type of entity for your business.

Business Profit Enhancement

Because we work with numerous businesses we have the knowledge, experience and tools to provide information comparing your business to the most profitable businesses in your geographical region. We assist you in making the changes to maximize your profit, improve your liquidity and have the most cost effective debt service.

Tax Planning

At Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles we provide proactive tax planning services to ensure our clients are in the best possible tax position.

Employee Compensation Packages

Employee compensation packages are a great way to attract and retain top employees. Because of our experience working with top practices it allows us to provide consulting services regarding the setup of the best compensation packages for your staff. Compensation packages include information on various health plans and retirement plans.

Business Start Up Filing Requirements

We prepare all necessary federal, state and local tax filing as required for legal operation of your business.

QuickBooks Training

Bookkeeping services can be a costly expense. At Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles we work to set up a system for your business that enables you to perform bookkeeping as you pay your bills. In doing this, this creates significant cost benefits and efficiency to your practice.

Succession or Acquisition Planning

Buying or selling a practice can be a stressful time for both the buyer and the seller. We work together with you and business brokers to assist with the transaction.

Financing Set Up and Restructuring

At Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles we work together with you and many financial institutions that provide loans to businesses. We help assist you in negotiating the best financing for your practice.


For each businesses, annual or quarterly accounts/financial statements are essential for tax planning, tax preparation, and advisory services from your accountant. Bookkeeping services are available to help compose necessary reports for business operations.


Sales & Use Tax Filing services are available to assist in managing and representing for your business for all tax issues and filing. Your accountant will communicate with you to prepare the required tax forms in order to meet filing obligations on time.


Your Dental CPA in California will work with you to have a comprehensive plan to protect against liability of risks and objectives in areas of your personal life or business, health, disability and even long-term care insurance as needed. Wide range of suitable insurance policies are available for each individual or each business.


in conjunction with new tax laws and whether it being making new techniques to defer income or decisions on making a subchapter S election, preparations and planning will be done continuously throughout the year.


Financial Projections and Forecasting are to assist in navigating your business toward the future using variety of possible scenarios. Comprehensive projections accentuate and create solutions for critical questions in managing the growth of business and also set out a clear vision of your business’ goals.


Retirement planning is to provide guidance in determining resources and any other objectives in meeting retirement goals. Your accountant will work with you to design a best plan and an asset allocation model to meet the objectives.


Financial Planning service is available to address your whole financial architecture. A comprehensive plan will assist to develop and maintain wealth and execute your financial goals. Current tax laws and other financial disciplines are applied to establish your unique plan. Monitoring your progress and making revisions over time will make certain in you staying on course.

Our Dental CPA Firm in Los Angeles specializes in helping Dentists achieve their ultimate financial goals.

The Next Steps…

We provide TWO HOURS OF FREE IN-PERSON CONSULTATION so that we may be able to understand your business needs and goals, and then customize solutions based on your best interests.

Call us today at 818-884-2549 and speak with Fazel Mostashari, Dental CPA, to learn about how we can assist you in your dentistry business.